The logo for Aperion Cyberstorm



The logo for EGX Rezzed
Aperion Cyberstorm will be at EGX Rezzed. The event, taking place from the 12th to the 14th of March, is a showcase of the latest indie talent from all over the world. EGXRezzed will be the first place you can get your hands on the game. Work with your friends to tackle a selection of Cyberstorm‘s Challenge maps, or decimate them in Versus mode. Oh, and get goodies just for playing!


Action shot from Aperion Origins

Aperion Origins – a top-down high-action twin-stick shooter where the player must fight through increasingly difficult waves of enemies, is now available on iOS on Android for FREE. Blast through a mix of challenging arenas, and unlock new ships and weapons to decimate your foes.


Link to Aperion Origins on the Google Play storeLink to Aperion Origins of the App Store

GGJ14 entry Vamp Game is a four player asynchronous party game. Three players are hunters, tasked with destroying the other player, a vampire loose in their village. Their target is disguised among the roaming robed villagers, and able to enter any building at will.

Torchlight is the hunter’s only weapon – stay close to each other though, because once it’s extinguished, they’re prey for the vampire.

Halloween promo image for the Vamp Game