Aperion Cyberstorm

Aperion Cyberstorm is a 2D sci-fi twin-stick shooter for 1-5 players on Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and PC. Travel through over 200 unique areas across 4 different worlds to discover what remains of your lost team. Use the abilities and elements you’ll find and mix them to unleash destruction with more than 1000 possible combinations – explode entire rooms of enemies with plasma-coated spiraling rockets, or smash an enemy to almost nothing with electricity-imbued mines before hitting their remains with lasers.

Aperion Cyberstorm will launch on Xbox One, Wii U and PC in Summer 2017.


After a routine salvage job goes wrong, Kate is the only survivor of her team. When one returns, it sets her on a journey to reunite a family. Uncover the mystery of Kate’s missing team alone or with four of your friends across multiple distinct worlds.

Campaign pits you against over 20 different enemy types. Discover new ships and abilities to meet these foes head-on, and use them to scrape through the challenges you’ll face.


It’s player versus player in a battle for the ages. Battle over 16 maps with your favourite ship and abilities. Spice up the battle with power-ups that appear in key areas to turn the match in your favour, or make your last stand…

Choose a game mode to change the way you win:

  • Last StandThe last ship left wins the round.
  • DeadlineGet the most points within a time limit.
  • SurvivorStart with a fixed number of lives.
  • ArenaReach the target score first to win.
  • Titan – Player transforms into huge titan ship.
  • Battle Ball – Get points from destroying the ball.
  • King – Battle for control of key areas of the map.
  • Control – Battle for multiple points in a map.
  • Salvage – Resources are limited, you must fight with what you can find.

Each game mode can be played in Solo or Team battle and can be modified to change the experience to give player’s more customization.


This mode is pure arcade action where players work together to fight of hordes of enemies and to try to survive. If players can keep from taking damage they will continue to build a multiplier that increase players scores. If all players are eliminated then it’s game over…