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Spring 2016

Nintendo Wii U


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Aperion Cyberstorm is a 2D sci-fi twin-stick shooter for 1-5 players on Nintendo Wii U. Travel through over 200 unique areas to discover what remains of your lost team. Use the Abilities and Elements you’ll find and mix them to unleash destruction with more than 1000 possible combinations – explode entire rooms of enemies with plasma-coated spiraling rockets, or smash an enemy to almost nothing with electricity-imbued mines before hitting their remains with lasers.


Game history

The game started life in October 2013 as a 1-4 player twin-stick shooter for Microsoft's XNA framework. Since then has gone through several improvements to become the game it is today, featuring an intense story-driven Campaign mode, challenging Onslaught mode and frienship-testing Versus mode.


  • 1-5 player support in Campaign and Onslaught, with 2-5 player support in Versus.
  • All major Wii U control types supported.
  • Four worlds to explore as you search for Kate's lost team in Campaign mode.
  • Intense Onslaught mode for when you just want to blow things up.
  • Versus mode pits player against player in a feature-rich package of destruction.
  • 12 ships and 14 Abilities allow for hundreds of player combinations.


Onslaught Mode Trailer (Wii U) YouTube

Versus Mode Trailer (Wii U) YouTube

Pre-Alpha Teaser [EU] YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "It's absolute chao; it's fantastic."
    - Alex Olney, Nintendo Life
  • "We certainly urge anyone who reads these words and is a fan of shoot 'em up arcade action to at least put this one on their radar[...]"
    - Thomas Whitehead, Nintendolife
  • "lI can honestly say it is a game I wouldn’t mind buying and playing on a more regular basis."
    - Demelza Ward, Wii U and Mii
  • "To me it seems like the perfect kind of party game to wheel out when you have friends round[...]"
    - Matt McKeown, Indiehaven

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Original Soundtrack
The soundtrack is composed by Kieron 'KCS' Solomon. soundcloud.com.

About aPriori Digital

aPriori Digital is an independent development studio based in the South West of England. Founded in 2013, our aim is to make games that mix classic gameplay with modern design. Our current project is Aperion Cyberstorm, a 1-5 player twin-stick shooter for Wii U and PC. We also work for hire on website, web-based, game and VR projects.

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Aperion Cyberstorm Credits

Jack Davis

Matthew Jones

Jonathan Price
Narrative Designer

Richard Mackriell

Kieron Solomon

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