The heart-pumping twin-stick bullet hell comes to console and PC!

Fly through hundreds of maps across its three modes, strategise by combining your abilities and add elemental affects for brutal stopping power! Aperion Cyberstorm is OUT NOW for Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Steam!

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How To Play

Whether alone, or with your friends, this couch coop shooter is packed to the jets with a stacked roster of modes and options for endless variety! Uncover a conspiracy in Campaign, survive waves of enemies in Onslaught, or fight for the crown in Versus.

Pick a ship from the roster of 12, each with unique damage, health, speed, and ability recharge stats

Pick two abilities from the pool of 14, some of which can be combined for extra damage

Unleash hell on your enemies!


All modes within Aperion Cyberstorm support up to five players!

Whether you're alone or with friends, travel across the unique areas of Campaign, barely survive in Onslaught, or take each other down in Versus.

In Campaign and Onslaught, the more players there are, the tougher the enemies get in response, so communicate well and throw more bodies at them until you break through.

In Campaign, search for your missing team. Find new ships, and upgrade the abilities scattered throughout the campaign for brutal stopping power. With six difficulty modes (three of which are unlockable), you'll find an eternal challenge waiting.

Take the fight to your friends in Versus, with nine maddening battle variants, including Titan and Last stand, across 32 maps. Customise each variant to your liking, and add AI players for constant five player fights all day every day!

In Onslaught your mission is simple: survive. Each wave throws more at you. More enemies, more variants, and more ways to lose. Earn up to five stars in each map to unlock the next. Hold your combo to get the highest score and be number one!

Customisation across Aperion Cyberstorm's three modes let's you tune the game to your liking.

Change how you play with automatic shooting and ability activators to allow for one-handed gaming.

Modify Versus to include team damage (madness!) or to take out your enemies with the ruined husk of your destroyed ship!

But what if you're in the woods with no one around for miles? We've got you covered.

Alongside the laundry list of customisation in Versus is the option to add AI players to spice things up. True five player battles are always possible!


Travel across four strange worlds in search of your team which disappeared two years earlier

Go it alone or with your friends with support for up to five players!

Find new ships, and upgrade the abilities you come across. Complete the game to unlock new difficulties for even harder ways to play


Mix it up across eight battle types; do-or-die in Last Stand, or become a boss in Titan

Take everyone down in Free-for-all, or work together in Team Battle. Add AI to make up the numbers for frequent five player fights

Tune each battle type to your liking. Tweak health levels, respawn times, or turn wrecked ships into out of control missiles!


Survive as long as possible to earn Stars!

Earn enough Stars to unlock up to more maps. Survive for as long as possible and max out your Star count

Protect your multiplier in each map to get the highest score. Aim for number one!

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