Two pugs are better than one, putting you in control of a mischievous dog with dimension-swapping powers

Challenge yourself with side-scrolling alternative dimension switching mania requiring lighting quick reflexes to jump, hop, and dimension swap your way to victory. Whether you’re a seasoned platformer or just can’t get enough of pugs, Double Pug Switch has something for you. The Polygon Loft are developing the title and aPriori Digital are publishing the game to console platforms!

What The Press Say

How To Play

When guiding your pooch through this intense adventure you must be aware of when the dimensions change and make sure to not land on the incorrect dimension! Jumping from platform to platform has never been so fun but watch out for those spikes and other nasties along the way! Special power ups will be scattered through the levels to help players along their journey but beware of the evil Lordsker as he seeks revenge in this out of this world adventure!



  • Inter-dimensional switching 
  • Avoid obstacles such as spikes, trap doors and pitfalls
  • Tonnes of themed levels within the story mode to explore
  • Special power ups to be found throughout the levels
  • World themed bosses
  • Collect all the tokens within each level
  • Cash in your tokens to customise your pug
  • Lots of different hats to make your pug stand out


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