Aperion Cyberstorm

AC_Screen02Coming to Steam, Xbox One and WiiU Summer 2017!

Aperion Cyberstorm is a 1-5 player 2D twin-stick shooter, where combining abilities can save you, or scrap you. Salvage what’s left of your team against dangers in- and outside of the galaxy before you’re added to the heap; smash an enemy’s shields with electricity-imbued mines, before melting their hull with a spread of fire rockets.




We exhibited at Develop 2014 along with UWEGames at our first showcase event. Methuselah was a prototype developed in Unity3D and designed for use with the Oculus Rift in ‘escape the room’ situation. It used sound design to help aid the player through a dark and mysterious environment.

Find the right items to unlock the way to freedom, or a watery grave…
“It will be here soon. Get out before it gets in.”



GGJ13_RoundBadgefight-logoGGJ14 entry ‘Fright-Bite-Flight’ is a four player asynchronous party game. Three players are hunters, tasked with destroying the other player, a vampire loose in their village. Their target is disguised among the roaming robed villagers, and able to enter any building at will.

Torchlight is the hunter’s only weapon – stay close to each other, because once it’s extinguished, you’re prey for the vampire.