We have worked together with Xalavier Nelson Jr, Priscilla Snow and Audiac Audio to develop CAN ANDROIDS SURVIVE, a shortform sandbox mech FPS!

Design Development Porting Publishing


Becoming a walking, 2-ton supply line in a new shortform sandbox mech FPS from the writer of Can Androids Pray. In Can Androids Survive, you are a battlefield courier, sent to an active warzone on the Moon to deliver supplies to Starbound Alliance bases--even if it costs your life in the process. Battle a draining fuel gauge, hordes of mechanized hazards, and a treacherous lunar surface to unravel the nature of your existence. Jettison fuel through your exhaust ports to escape stellar float mines and launch your chassis across craters. End the war itself--by destroying the field. In 2143, a rogue AI commandeers the defense satellites surrounding a dead Earth, and blows up the Moon.

Games modes

..:: SURVIVE ::..

Placed in this hostile environment and expected to survive is a difficult task that you must overcome. Watch out for dangers lurking around each corner as you try to unearth what is happening on this moon!

..:: EXPLORE ::..

The environment is large and unpredictable, you need to be careful with your limited resources as you explore, and these are depleting with every action. Collect health and ammo as you navigate your way around the environment!

..:: COLLECT ::..

In your journey you will find many different supply drops that have crash landed on the moon. These will help you along your way with replenishing resources and also giving you new abilities to help you tackle the dangers that lie ahead.