You’re now in the home of aPriori Digital, a development studio in Bristol, England. Our work covers mobile, PC, and console, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Wii U. Our latest project is Aperion Cyberstorm – scroll on to find out more!

The heart-pumping twin-stick bullet hell comes to console and PC!

Fly through hundreds of maps across its three modes, strategise by combining your abilities and add elemental affects for brutal stopping power! Aperion Cyberstorm releases 8th Feb 2018 for Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Steam!


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    "This game really hits all the right notes; a great campaign, multiplayer options in all modes, and fully customisable battle mode..."

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    "We urge anyone who is a fan of shoot 'em up arcade action to put this one on their radar..."

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    "The perfect kind of party game to wheel out when you have friends round..."




aPriori Digital is a development studio from Bristol, England. We find the joy in games, while delivering the best in whatever we turn our hand to. Our history includes a mix of personal and contracted projects, both in the UK and abroad. Our latest project, Aperion Cyberstorm, is coming to PC and console in 2018!