Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets releases on PS5!

We worked with Perp Games and TonyDevGame to bring this title to PS5. The game is really fun and has some really interesting twists and turns as you progress through this horror showcase, especially the Animal Village and amusment park section of the game!

Also considering it was developed by a single developer developer it is truly a massive achievement to have created this title and now released on both PC and PlayStation 5.

Store page: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10009503

“After a long period without finding a job, Jack is forced to join the family business, which he had disowned since he was a child. He begins what will be his first case, simple in appearance, but which will suddenly become his worst nightmare.

In this first-person survival horror, you must manage your resources well in a fight to survive, whilst you investigate the terrifying locations.”