The Move

When we first set the company up we wanted to keep costs down to a minimum. So the natural thing was to all work from home and have daily meetings on Skype to discuss what we were all working on that day. This worked for a while but we soon started meeting up regularly as we found it was much easier to discuss projects than it was over Skype.
A spare room in one member’s house became a regular meeting place where we could work effectively as a team and it became our make-shift studio.

Bedroom Studio

Now this room wasn’t very big and even with re-arranging the furniture many times to find the best use of space it still wasn’t enough for a real workspace for everyday use by the team.
Time went on and we made it work, but we were on the hunt for an office that would suit our needs. If we were going to get an office we wanted it to fulfil all our needs as it needed to be an improvement over the free space we currently had. Top priority was to have enough space for different activities – to be a base of operations for the company.


…but seriously, we wanted the new studio to be a big improvement than the current so we set about looking for local offices. We looked at some ‘interesting’ places, but none of these met our requirements. Just as we were losing all hope we found an amazing space that was exactly what we had been looking for. The square footage is big enough for all of our staff plus enough space for any future employees/freelancers, and the building has meeting and communal spaces, 24/7 hour access and a fantastic coffee shop downstairs. When move in day came we loaded up all the cars full of our existing office furniture and headed to the new place. When we carried all the furniture to the top floor we then realised that the desks were too big and wouldn’t be the best use of space. To IKEA! We found some thin desks which were exactly what we wanted, also new office chairs were a must for those long days and nights working. Once these were all assembled and setup and we found a place for all our old furniture and the new studio was taking shape. We also added posters and games memorabilia to add a personal touch to the room.

Office Studio