Welcome to our new site!

Some of our eagle eyed followers may have noticed our website has been offline for a few months - we decided to remake a new site that would accommodate our new direction with games and development in general and be easier to keep up to date with new content.


One key area we wanted to focus on was the console porting and publishing services we are now focusing on. Simplifying this is to help bring other developers games to the console platforms and also potentially publish them on behalf of them. As we are registered with the major three console platforms and we have experience of using the consoles it felt like a natural progression into pursuing more of this!  

We now also have sections for games we have created and also other companies games we have provided development support for as this was not clear on our old site and we wanted to make sure this was clearer on our new site. Having a small breakdown at the top of the page will explain what we have worked on within that game as it can vary massively from one game to the next.


We wanted to make the website clear for anyone visiting for our games, supported games and services we provide as a company as like many indie companies we are a bit of a swiss army knife when it comes to development and we felt are old website was confusing with its layout and style.


We hope you enjoy the new website and we are thank you all for your support over the years!