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aPriori Digital




Bristol, United Kingdom



Founded in 2013 by a group of friends within the industry, aPriori Digital is a computer game development studio, based at Filwood Green Business Park, Bristol, England. We enjoy creating fast paced multiplayer experiences and have worked hard over the last few years to create Aperion Cyberstorm for all major consoles and PC.


We all first met at University of the West of England whilst studing Games Technology course. The course allowed us to further our knowledge of all aspects of the gaming industry and within our final year we decided that it would be a good idea to create aPriori Digital. We won funding from Creative England which allowed us to get a dedicated studio space, and professional equipment and development kits when needed. We are at the stage where we have finished the game, and are finishing the other console platforms to help Aperion Cyberstorm reach a wider audience. We are now helping publishing Double Pug Switch to Nintendo Switch.



Contact us at for press enquiries or for any further information regarding our games.