Aperion Launch and Develop 2014

On Tuesday the 8th Aperion Origins launched for Android and iOS. If you haven’t already, you can download them for your Android device here(http://goo.gl/c4Kti3) and iOS here (http://goo.gl/I3Lp5w) for FREE.

We’ve had some great responses and we’d like to hear from you too!

The launch of the game coincided with a trip to Develop, working in partnership with UWE Games to showcase graduate work with very talented individuals.

At the booth we brought two projects — a multiplayer modification of Origins, and a horror prototype we’ve titled Project Methuselah.

The modification we brought to Develop is a prototype for Aperion Cyberstorm. We thought that the best way to get feedback on a 4-player Aperion was to set it up and let everyone have at it. The goal was to win the most rounds by killing the other human players, with the enemies you know and love from Origins acting as a distraction that could be used to your advantage – use your bullet’s impacts to push players into swarms of ghosts to kill them, but destroy too many AI ships and every dead human respawns.

We’re happy to say it was a success, with a lot of people coming back over the two days for ‘just one more go’.

Prior to Develop we were asked if we could make a demo using the Oculus, with the words “escape”, “room” and “water” thrown around. Two of the team, Jack and Jon, took on the challenge. Over the course of three weeks a level was built, with an emphasis on tension and engaging the player’s imagination instead of startling them, which was felt would make players aware it’s a game. The results were better than we expected, with many positive comments on the art and atmosphere.

Where we go from here
With the interest expressed in the Aperion multiplayer taking that forward is our goal for the moment, and we’ll have news on that soon. As to the horror’s future… Watch this space for more news on that project.

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