EGX Post Mortem

We’re back and refreshed from EGX Rezzed! The response to the game was brilliant. We’ve compiled everything into a post mortem of the event, with tips for anyone who’s thinking of going to it or similar events.

What we showed
We pared the build back to Versus mode. It was the quickest way of getting a player into the game, plus people like competing with each other — who knew!

Attendees playing Aperion Cyberstorm at EGX Rezzed

Using the entirely accurate prediction method of a badge taken by each player (with some margin for error), we estimate around 500 people played the game. We don’t know if this is good or bad compared to other booths at the event, but for us it was great to see enough interest in the game that people patiently queued to play it!

The positive feedback we got over the three days overwhelmed us. A big thank you to everyone who played the game; you are key in making this special. You showed us the areas we need to address and highlighted the bits that were just right.

As well received as the game was, a big hit was something else we brought with us.

Repurposed SNES

Hearing some of the younger attendees ask what it was aged us.

A 20 year vet, saved from the clutches of the cupboard to live another day as a leaflet dispenser, the SNES caught the eye of a lot of people, which led to them looking at the game on show. Things like that make people remember you, but don’t go around gutting old consoles — ours had already passed this world.

From a developer point of view, it was great to get the game tested so thoroughly over the three days (with few bugs!). From a personal point of view, meeting lots of new people is something that justified the cost all by itself, and to see the energy they poured into the event is inspiring.

What we learned and how we’re going to use that going forward
More polish! The build was missing things like prompts to the players; when you play it day in/day out you tend to neglect those things… Making the countdown timer more prominent when a match is almost over (10! … 9! … 8! …) ups the urgency of those last second clashes. During gameplay we noted that what happened on screen could, at times, be difficult to follow. We found the things that would need tweaks while maintaining the game’s intensity.

During the event we took part in interviews about the game (including one from Nintendo that you’ll see closer to launch). You can find some of them below:

NintendoLife & Alex Olney talk Aperion Cyberstorm

Aperion Cyberstorm – Interview by McFixer

Now for tips. If you are thinking of going to one of these events as an exhibiter, you’ll want to remember the following:

  • Water: You’ll be standing and moving around for a lot of time. Sitting is a rare luxury. Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Hand sanitiser: Be kind to the people you meet and yourself. Bring antibacterial sanitiser. You’ll be meeting a lot of them. Post event illnesses aren’t fun.
  • Press: schedule meetings in advance. The press usually have a packed day planned. Be at the top of their list by arranging interviews well in advance of the event.

Thanks for reading. We hope you find any of the information here useful.

Would we do it again? Absolutely.

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