Modes of Aperion Cyberstorm - Campaign

In this series of articles, we’ll go through some of the features of Aperion Cyberstorm. Let’s take a look at Campaign mode.


Campaign mode is a two-hour long story-based mode, where players follow the journey of Kate Rhodes as she escapes a planet under attack by two opposing forces with her friends. At least, that is until those so-called friends maroon her on a barren ice world with no but her ship’s AI core for company.

Kate is resourceful, though. She spends the next two years creating a small settlement for herself, building up to the moment when she can escape. When a beacon crash lands onto the planet with enemy forces in tow, Kate is forced to clear them from her make-shift home to find out why the beacon is so important.

What she finds is a distress call from one of the ‘friends’ who left her asking for help.

Looking for her own answers as to why they ditched her, she sets off to learn more.

But Wait, There’s More

As you travel through the Campaign, you will come across unlockable elements and weapons to add to your arsenal. Look harder, and you may also spot new ships, and collectibles which unlock new maps for Versus mode.

Use the shards dropped by fallen enemies to upgrade your kit to do even more damage; That level 5 spiral rocket combination looks mighty tempting.

Challenge Yourself

On completing Campaign mode for the first time, you will unlock a new difficulty setting which gives you a tougher challenge to set your upgraded loadout against. And who knows, maybe there are a few more difficulty settings to unlock after that… *nudge nudge wink wink*

For those who like speed running, shaving seconds off your times, or get giddy when they see an ‘S+’ rank, Campaign also includes progress screens to track where you’ve nailed a section, and where you need some more work. Add the Score and Time widget to the user interface for a constant feed on how well you’re doing.

There’s all this and more in Campaign mode, so we hope you enjoy discovering it on February 8th!

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