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We have always talked about bringing the game to Japan as Cyberstorm has many Japanese influences within its game design and styling that we felt it would be an amazing title to bring to Japan.

We approached a publisher (Chorus WorldWide - http://chorusworldwide.com/) that helped our friends (The Dangerous Kitchen – De Mambo) bring their game to Japan as we had heard good things and that it was smooth process. So we pitched the game to them and they also felt it would fit into their library of games and in Japan also!


So we started the Japanese port which had to include Japanese translation (a translation system in general as we hadn’t made one up to this point) but this wasn’t a bad process and the translation were not huge for the game so it was a quick turn around. Luckily not much of the games UI had to change as some languages (such as German) have some very long names for specific items, but this wasn’t the case. Also the logo had to have the Japanese name as a sub text under the logo, we tried to make this stand out by having the shiny gold text contrast against the rest of the logo.

The final step was to translate the games trailer text and include publisher and our new logo within this!



The game was displayed at a Japanese indie game event (Toyko Sandbox) along with other Chorus WorldWide titles that are coming out in the next few months. It was really amazing to see it at the event as up to this point we have always been the ones showing the game off so it was a very cool experience to see this!




















It was also announced at the event that the game would release on 10th May in Japan!

So fast forward a month and the game is finally out in Japan! This was crazy to see it appear on the Nintendo Switch eShop as we have all been so influenced by Japanese games over the years and it feels so right it being available there!





Link: https://ec.nintendo.com/JP/ja/titles/70010000009809

So if you are interested in checking it out you can grab it on the Japanese store (with Japanese and English text options) or just the EU / NA store for the English version.

Thank you again for all your support and even if its sharing and liking posts it does mean a lot to us all here!

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