Website Refresh

Hello, greetings, and salutations. Welcome to our refreshed website!

The placeholder website had been placeholder for too long, so we’ve welcomed in this new website from the cold, taken its coat and set it by the fire. We think it’s going to be nice and cosy.

As to the old website, never fear. We sent it out into the woods with a backpack (heavy with mysterious trinkets) and a flicker flashlight. It may surprise and be back soon – doubt it, the trinkets will awaken soon—but if not, best of luck to it!

As to our reasoning for the site and branding refresh, I’ll let Jack, our artist, tell all:


After a long time with the same logo and the same website, we felt it was time for a change.

New company image

We have refocused our company image to feel more approachable, as although we did love the decagram, it was marmite to most people and we potentially looked like a death metal band -Waaaaa! That isn't a bad thing, but we want it to be clear to everyone what we do, which is make games! 

We felt our old website was restricted (using Wordpress) as it was a generic template and that meant we couldn’t modify the layout or functionality of the site. So, we decided with to create a custom website using the Umbraco framework (ASP .net application written in C#) as we are all familiar with C#, mainly because of Unity. This allowed us to create a website from the ground up. 


Ease of use for people to find us

Our main focus was to break the game down to its core components to help explain it to new audiences and press who might be visiting our site. Although Aperion Cyberstorm seems quite a simple game, it has a lot of modes and content that might not be clear within tweets and small videos. So we get this would be a good chance to explain all it has to offer.

We created a custom press kit that allows users to download all information, images and videos from the game page. If we update the main game page, it also updates the press kit so we can keep everything consistent with less admin to the site.


Website focuses on game development

Our old site was misleading for visitors as we advertised both our games and services we provide as a company within one umbrella. So now we have split the two disciplines as they are quite different audiences that will visit each site. No more mixed messages. Both sides of the business are given their own areas to breathe.


Services page

We have created a dedicated section for the services we provide and clients we have worked with. It also displays all the technologies we as a studio are versed in to give potential clients an understanding into our skill sets. If you’d like to work with us, come check it out here.


And with that, until next time, tata!

- Jon

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